Can we discuss what I need and then you create the necessary support
or training for my needs?

We would be happy to discuss either over the phone or in person your needs.


I need help on formatting in word or another program can you help?

Yes, we are able to help with program support whether it is a word document
or a presentation for work, Please call us to find out more.


Can you support me over the phone if I call you?

We would be happy to try and help you over the phone or e-mail with your
problem or question if it is something that can be solved in a short time.


Do you offer an emergency service?

Yes we can offer emergency help depending on the time and day. Please
call us straight away if you have an urgent problem.


How quickly can you see me and is there any call out charge?

It will all depend on our current work load and how urgent the problem is.
We do not charge you for a call out charge if you are in Mid Sussex but we
always hold the right to charge and you will be notified of this before visit.


With your experience can you fix my problem?

We have years of experience working in the IT industry supporting thousands
of users in large corporations and we will discuss your problem before we take
any action.